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Inquérito: Algarve Senior Living Survey - Necessidades residenciais dos cidadãos seniores

Inquérito: Algarve Senior Living Survey - Necessidades residenciais dos cidadãos seniores


A Região de Turismo do Algarve encontra-se a colaborar com a PROMATURA no desenvolvimento de um estudo que permita obter informação sobre os serviços necessários e requisitos esperados pelos clientes seniores para estabelecimento de residência na região.

Will you take this online survey today and contribute your anonymous views to a global study* designed to improve retirement living for residents of the Algarve?

Can you spare 30 minutes today to please take this survey, anonymously: your thoughts on retirement property and lifestyle in the Algarve? RESEARCH SURVEY LINK HERE

We have spent over 10 years supporting residents in a host of different ways and think it important resident’s voices are heard in a new international survey about healthy retirement living. Completing the survey will help contribute your views to help inform decisions about infrastructure, property, lifestyle and care services in the Algarve. We will share the survey results with you.

We all need some support in life and this usually increases as we get older, often leading to personal care services delivered either in our own home or a larger property dedicated to supporting older people. This survey gives a focus on a relatively new concept in Europe, the Retirement Community, seen in context of the 5 typical options for later-life living and care options below: 

  1. Stay at home and receive support from external providers
  2. Move-in with a relative or friend for mutual support
  3. Move into Retirement Housing
  4. Move to a Retirement Community
  5. Move into a Care Home

*This survey is being implemented by a leading international research agency, ProMatura, and supported by the Região de Turismo do Algarve as part of a global study into later-life housing-with-care requirements. This survey, or a version of it, is being run in Portugal, UK, USA, Canada, Spain and other countries to be announced throughout 2021. ProMatura is a GDPR-compliant research company dedicated to understanding the property and lifestyle preferences of mature consumers, and the industries who serve them, since 1985 and now in 11 countries.

There are simply no wrong answers to this survey, just your honest opinion on what is genuinely important to you. Thank you for taking part, we really appreciate it.