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The beaches of Vila Real de Santo António allure leaps against; the sea is calm and warm and laps against vast sandy areas including the playful curves and bays of the dunes protected by the shade of pine trees and the channels of the Ria Formosa; scenes of contrast in a wonderful show put on by Nature. The gracious curve of the bay of Monte Gordo protects one of the very best sand areas.

A friendly and inviting beach where the local fishing boats add colour and where the seagulls arrive at the end of the day when their work is done. The green swathe of the pine forest creates a wonderfully cool environment and in the same palette mixes the blue of the sea and the green of the trees. A little closer to the mouth of the Guadiana river, the beaches Praia da Fábrica and Praia de Santo António have the advantage of being closer to the town.

There are still more, however, to tempt the visitor. The Praia da Manta Rota, surrounded by spectacular dunes, continues for as far as the eye can see and encourages relaxed strolling by the shore where the sleepy waves are never enough to disturb but only make a swim that much more enjoyable. The Praia de Cacela Velha, located on the very begining of the Ria Formosa, is also part of this long of sand and can be reached by boat.

It is a magical site, surrounded on one side by the long channel of the river and by the infinite ocean on the other. The fishing boats move slowly and purposefully as the fishermen, using old methods, tend the beds of cockles and oysters that can be enjoyed later on. It goes without saying that the beaches have all the necessary infrastructures, the security of lifeguards, and cafes in which to taste some of the local gastronomy or simply to take a cool drink and admire the warm tones of the sunset.