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The exceptional weather conditions that the Algarve and VRSA are lucky enough to enjoy, provide the perfect setting for sports. There is nothing more natural therefore than to take advantage of these gifts of Nature, whether they come from the excellent weather or from the stunning landscape, and to have built a Sports Centre that today is a reference at European level, where international athletes from all Olympic disciplines come for training.

The excellent conditions also attract professionals from tennis, football, rugby, volleyball and many other sports. The National Forest of the Maritime Dunes of Vila Real de Santo António provides an encompassing area of nature and 12km of paths have been laid out there, ideal for practising all kinds of sports but a wonderful opportunity too for those who want to stroll in a relaxed fashion and appreciate the native flora and fauna.

On top of all this, there are 20km of beaches, 100m wide at low tide, and we have the perfect scenario to fulfil the Olympic motto, “faster, higher, stronger”. The exterior design of the sports centre arrests the eye with its bold and modern architecture. On the inside, the technological sophistication recreates ideal conditions for athletes, and makes the centre a true laboratory of champions.

The Vila Real de Santo António sports park also includes the town’s Tennis Club. Golf is also much enjoyed here with two courses situated close to Cacela Velha. Both are eighteen hole, par 72 and measure, in the case of Quinta de Baixo, 6,016m and Quinta de Cima, 6,256m. For all of these reasons, Vila Real is proud to call itself the land of sport.